Jenvel Earth’s longevity blueprint: reversing ageing at 29 with a biological age of 21

Here are two top leaders in the Rejuvenation Olympics. 

Jenvel Earth and Bryan Johnson.
Jenvel Earth & Bryan Johnson.

Whilst most longevity nerds know Bryan Johnson, it’s time to spotlight the true queen of the field–Jenvel Earth. 

Currently, ranked 4th in the Rejuvenation Olympics, Jenvel is leading the charge in anti-ageing strategies. 

What are her secrets to ageing in reverse? Let’s learn from her Blueprint.

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Who is Jenvel Earth?

Jenvel is a biotech entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in the world of biohacking and epigenetics. 

Known on social media as itsjenvel, she has a substantial following thanks to her dedication to promoting a healthy, long life. 

Jenvel is also a co-founder of the Ageless Civilization Telegram Community, where she shares insights and strategies for longevity. 

At the age of 29, her most recent epigenetic test revealed a biological age of 0.67 years for every calendar year, showcasing the effectiveness of her protocols in boosting longevity.

What is longevity?

Longevity is more than just living a long life; it’s about extending the years of healthy, active living. 

Unlike lifespan, which measures the total number of years a person lives, longevity focuses on healthspan—the period during which a person is healthy and free from serious disease. 

As modern science advances, we have more tools and knowledge than ever to enhance both lifespan and healthspan. 

Researchers are uncovering ways to delay the onset of age-related diseases and improve overall vitality, making the concept of longevity a realistic goal for many.

Jenvel is a perfect example of these advancements. With a biological age of 21.17, she is living proof that the right lifestyle and strategies can reverse cellular ageing. 

As a leading figure in the Rejuvenation Olympics, Jenvel shows that it is possible to turn back the clock on ageing with dedication and the right approach.

Reducing biological age

Biological age is a measure of how well your body functions compared to your chronological age, which is simply your passport age.

It’s determined by various biomarkers, such as telomere length, DNA methylation patterns, and levels of inflammation. 

Reducing biological age is crucial because it often correlates more closely with health status and disease risk than chronological age.

By focusing on reducing biological age, you can potentially delay the onset of chronic diseases, improve physical and mental performance, and enhance your quality of life. 

Case studies have shown that interventions targeting biological age can lead to significant health improvements.

The protocols developed by Jenvel are proof of this. Her ability to maintain a biological age significantly lower than her chronological age shows the effectiveness of targeted lifestyle and health strategies. 

Let’s find out the specifics of her Blueprint to understand how she achieves this remarkable feat.

Jenvel’s longevity protocol

Jenvel’s approach to longevity is comprehensive, encompassing supplements, diet, daily routines, and exercise. Her protocol is designed to optimise health and extend lifespan through evidence-based practices.

1. Supplements

Jenvel’s 2024 supplement stack includes:

  • 34 probiotic strains for gut health from Garden of Life.
  • L-Glutamine to prevent or heal intestinal permeability from Pure Encapsulations.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.
  • Multivitamin with vitamin D (specific brand TBD).
  • She no longer uses Vitality Booster.

Each supplement is chosen based on scientific evidence supporting its benefits for health and longevity.

2. Diet

Jenvel utilises grocery and meal delivery services to save time and ensure access to fresh, healthy ingredients, allowing her to maintain a nutritious diet while focusing on other aspects of her life. 

Grocery delivery via Instacart saves her an estimated 3 hours a week from in-person shopping. 

Healthy meal delivery services save her an estimated 14 hours from cooking and cleaning if she were to make the identical recipes herself.

To maximise the benefits of her diet, Jenvel follows a meticulous pre-eating routine that sets the tone for her day:

3. Pre-eating routine

  • Wakes up naturally without an alarm, promoting better sleep quality.
  • Practises nasal breathing and takes a cold bath or shower for its numerous health benefits, including improved circulation and immune function.
  • Uses rosemary water on her scalp for hair growth and follows a detailed oral hygiene routine with an Oral-B io Series 9 toothbrush and a tongue scraper.
  • Drinks 500ml of Acqua Panna water upon waking.
  • Batch cooks the day’s food in a steamer or orders healthy meal delivery if life is too busy.

4. Breakfast options (several times a week)

  • Includes nutrient-dense foods like beef bone broth (25g protein), eggs (12g protein), broccoli sprouts, tomato, avocado, and chia seeds.
  • Smoothies packed with ingredients known to boost NAD levels, such as parsley, cacao powder, Ceylon cinnamon, pomegranate, blueberries, arugula, and chia seeds.
  • Emphasises slow chewing to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion.

5. Lunch options (several times a week)

  • 165g Salmon (40g protein), extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate, blueberries, arugula, sesame seeds, kale, and micro broccoli.
  • 200g Halibut with extra virgin olive oil or Blueprint Olive oil, wild rice blend, carrots, and micro broccoli.
  • Emphasises slow chewing to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion.

6. Dinner options (several times a week)

  • 50g Beef liver (10g protein), bone marrow, broccoli, carrots, flax seeds, balsamic vinegar, and sauerkraut.
  • Optional choice of fruits: red grapes, papaya, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, fresh orange juice, and fresh coconut water.
  • Emphasises slow chewing to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion.

7. Post-eating routine

Uses a Waterpik to clean tooth gaps after each meal, highlighting the importance of dental hygiene in overall health.

Jenvel’s daily routines

Jenvel’s daily routine is meticulously planned to support her health and longevity goals.

1. Exercise

  • Regularly visits Equinox sports clubs for comprehensive fitness facilities.
  • Stresses the importance of a balanced exercise routine, including cardio for cardiovascular health and strength training for muscle maintenance.
  • Uses workout bands ($9.99) and adjustable weights ($189) if she doesn’t have access to gym equipment.

2. Hydration

  • Drinks Acqua Panna water ($2.69 a bottle) in glass bottles to avoid microplastics, highlighting the importance of hydration for cellular function and overall health.

3. Sleep routine

  • Practises good sleep hygiene, including a 14-hour overnight fast.
  • Minimises electronic exposure at night.
  • Utilises a HEPA medical filter.
  • Wears a lightweight eye mask or uses blackout blinds.
  • Utilises noise-cancelling silicon earplugs.
  • Keeps warm with blankets.
  • Wears a onesie.
  • Monitors sleep with an Oura ring ($299) sleep tracker.

4. Skin and hair care

  • Uses natural methods like ice application ($16) and aloe vera gel ($2.69) for skin care, and rosemary water ($2.99) and scalp massages for hair health.
  • Washes hair once a week with raw eggs ($3.49) and uses cacao powder ($10.99) as natural dry shampoo.

5. Makeup

Advocates for using natural alternatives to conventional makeup whenever possible, such as beet juice as lipstick and cacao powder as bronzer, although she acknowledges the need for conventional products in some situations.

6. Work routine

  • Works with good posture and rests eyes every 20 minutes using a computer program that alerts her.
  • Consumes eye-healthy foods like kale and supplements with lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Practises grounding and gets adequate sun exposure.

Additional tips and treatments

1. Relaxation techniques

Jenvel integrates several relaxation and health treatments into her routine to maintain well-being and promote longevity. She firmly believes that self-care is essential for a balanced lifestyle.

  • Steam rooms: Jenvel finds the moist heat helps her relax, detoxifies her skin, and improves circulation. She often shares her experiences of feeling rejuvenated after a session.
  • Red light therapy: With benefits like enhanced skin health and reduced inflammation, Jenvel uses a red light panel at home($889). She notes significant improvements in her skin’s texture and vitality.
  • Infrared saunas: These sessions ($1899) help her sweat out toxins, aid muscle recovery, and relieve pain. Jenvel frequently posts about the deep relaxation and energy boost she experiences.
  • Massages: Whether for stress relief or muscle recovery, Jenvel enjoys regular massages. She believes in their power to improve circulation and overall well-being.

2. Environmental consciousness

Jenvel is also committed to environmental sustainability, which complements her health practices.

  • Eco-friendly products: She uses unbleached toilet paper and paper towels to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and support environmental health.

3. Travel tips

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while travelling is crucial for Jenvel. These are her practical tips to stay on track.

  • Cooler backpack: This ($26.99) allows her to meal prep and bring nutritious food on the go, avoiding unhealthy snacks.
  • Skincare routine: Keeping face wash and lotion in pump bottles next to her hand soap ensures consistent skincare, even during hectic trips.

Keynote from Avea

Jenvel Earth exemplifies a holistic approach to longevity, inspiring others to adopt similar balanced and sustainable habits. 

Her meticulously designed protocol demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-rounded health strategy. 

Jenvel’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how dedication and the right strategies can make a significant impact on our well-being and longevity.

By Aishani Rajarai

Aishani Rajarai is a scientific writer and neuroscience enthusiast. She holds a BSc in biochemistry and cell biology, and a minor in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Her mission at Avea is to bring the science of longevity through blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and social media content to the public, so people can live a healthier, longer, and happier life.

Aishani Rajarai is a scientific writer and neuroscience enthusiast. She holds a BSc in biochemistry and cell biology, and a minor in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Her mission at Avea is to bring the science of longevity through blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and social media content to the public, so people can live a healthier, longer, and happier life.