How Christian Wenzel (Mr.Broccoli) reversed his age by 4 years

In the soft morning light, Christian Wenzel, known as Mr. Broccoli, looks out at the vibrant greenery from his window. “Life is great,” he muses, feeling deeply thankful for his current place in life. 

Biologically, he is now four years younger than chronologically. Discover how he turned a health scare into a groundbreaking journey of biohacking, significantly reducing his biological age with Avea supplements.

Christian Wenzel with his lunch.

Who is Christian Wenzel?

As a Hippocrates Health Coach and leader at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Germany, Christian’s expertise is not only in what we eat, but how what we eat can fundamentally alter our health and vitality.

Once a typical tech worker burdened by health issues and disconnected from the natural world, his turning point came when he embraced veganism. 

This new path not only transformed his health, but also shifted his life’s purpose. 

Delving into the world of biohacking, Christian discovered how to synchronise his lifestyle with his body’s natural rhythms. 

Combining his scientific curiosity with personal resolve, he came across Avea supplements.

This marked the beginning of a profound journey that led to an extraordinary outcome: Christian successfully reduced his biological age by over 4 years in just 4 months of using Avea supplements. It is also the first time he has felt so connected to his body and mind.

This redefines what it means to learn from life’s challenges, and this transformative tale is precisely the story we are excited to share with you all today.

The turning point

An onset of health complications served as a wake-up call for Christian. As traditional health solutions had been unhelpful, it pushed him to seek alternatives. 

Lately, plant-based diets have gained recent popularity not only for their health benefits, but also for their lower environmental impact compared with an omnivorous diet.

The most significant global health crises affecting our generation are non-communicable diseases and climate change, which are both inextricably linked to diet.

Ask anyone who wants to stay away from diseases, but also if they want to save or destroy the planet, and the answer is pretty obvious.

Christian’s exploration led him to veganism, driven by a desire for a healthier lifestyle and a deeper connection with environmental ethics. 

The switch was challenging, grappling with dietary restrictions and societal misconceptions, but the improvements in his well-being were undeniable.

Fun-fact, the new Netflix documentary You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment, based on the study, is streaming right now. Here’s our summary of it in just a few minutes.

Embracing biohacking

Whilst the vegan trend has gained momentum over the past decade, a new player has emerged in the wellness scene: biohacking. Discover the top 10 female and male biohackers.

This approach is not limited to futuristic implants or extreme interventions, but is rather accessible through simple lifestyle adjustments and the use of advanced technology. 

Biohacking is based on the principle that we can actively shape our biology, not just passively accept our genetic makeup or environmental influences. 

It’s a method of self-improvement and experimentation rooted in science and technology, with a powerful reminder: “80% of your health in old age is up to you.”- David Sinclair

Biohacking was a natural progression in Christian’s quest for optimal health. Following his dietary shift, Christian’s deep dive into biohacking revealed even more about the potential of targeted supplementation.

It led him to discover Avea supplements, crucial components of his daily routine. 

Products like NMN and Cell Primer were more than just supplements; they were tools that enabled his body to rejuvenate and thrive. The results speak for themselves.

Integrating these with his vegan diet and fasting regimen enhanced their effects, showcasing the effectiveness of a holistic health strategy.

Supplements and longevity

In the course of Christian’s health journey, supplements became integral to boosting his longevity. 

These substances are more than mere health aids; they play a pivotal role in optimising bodily functions and enhancing life quality–all with ingredients backed by 1000+ scientific studies.

The use of supplements can bridge nutritional gaps, support metabolic processes, and increase cellular efficiency, all of which contribute to slowing down the biological ageing process.

And the results speak for themselves. Christian incorporated a variety of supplements into his daily regimen, each selected for their specific health benefits:

NMN: Used to enhance energy and repair damaged DNA.

Booster: Taken 1–2 times a week to boost overall vitality.

Cell Primer: Nearly daily, to improve cellular functions.

Collagen Activator: Occasionally to support overall health, potentially also reducing bioage.

Avea Complete Rejuvenation Routine

  • Our most sophisticated routine to comprehensively address the signs of ageing.
  • Complete combination of all-star longevity ingredients recommended by biohackers and health experts
  • Boosts cellular renewal, cellular energy metabolism and collagen production to comprehensively enhance your wellbeing
  • 90 days money-back guarantee

Benefits you can expect 

  • Enhances cellular renewal

Cell Primer supports cellular renewal by activating autophagy, the body’s natural process of cleaning out damaged cells to make way for new, healthy ones. It also aids in clearing out senescent cells, often referred to as “zombie cells,” which accumulate with age and can impair cellular function.

  • Activates long-lasting energy

The NAD+ precursors and Booster enhance long-term cellular energy synthesis, leading to a significant boost in energy and vitality.

  • Promotes deep reparative sleep

Glycine, contained in our Collagen Activator, has been show to regulate the body’s internal clock and promote relaxation, enhancing sleep quality.

  • Fosters brain health & sharper focus

Promising research has shown that Spermidine, PQQ, Ubiquinol and Resveratrol can enhance cognitive function and alertness.

  • Boosts skin rejuvenation & hydration

Various studies have shown skin benefits of upregulating collagen production. Daily intake of our Collagen Activator for 30 days, significantly boosts skin hydration, radiance and smoothness, and diminishes redness and brown spots.*

*Based on an observational study conducted on 60 participants.

  • Supports overall health and may reduce biological age over time.

Various studies show that our ingredients (e.g. Ca-aKG) enhance overall cellular health, which can lead to a reduction in your biological age over time.

Chlorella/Spirulina: Daily, for their detoxifying properties and high nutrient content.

Green juice powders: Three times a week, to supplement his intake of greens.

Omega-3: Four times a week, to support cardiovascular health and cognitive functions.

Vitamin D: Daily, to maintain bone health and immune function.

Avea Essentials

The Essentials are packed with vegan, essential micronutrients: Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Zinc, Magnesium and Omega-3. All the ingredients of the Essentials work perfectly in synergy to boost longevity. 

Avea Essentials
Avea Essentials.

Vitamin D requires cofactors such as Vitamin K2, Zinc, Magnesium and Omega-3 for proper function. Vitamin K2 helps to direct calcium to bones and teeth, while Zinc supports immune function and Vitamin D receptor activation. Magnesium and Omega-3 are essential to convert D3 into its active form.

These micronutrients are harder to obtain through diet alone and can support optimal health, making the Essentials a smart addition to your daily routine.

KETO OS NAT (exogenous ketones): Four times a week, adding ketones, for more energy and mental clarity.

Occasionally, Christian takes minerals, vitamins, and amino patterns as well.

Results and reflections

Christian Wenzel’s journey with Avea supplements yielded profound changes in his health. He has significantly reduced his biological age, as shown in the results below.

Christian Wenzel’s biological age results.

If you’re a health-nerd, then you must already know by now that reversing your biological age is no longer science-fiction. If you just landed in the world of longevity, and are curious about this ‘’biological age’’ concept, let’s quickly break it down.

So, you actually have 2 ages. You probably know the one that equals the number of times you’ve circled around the sun, or you know, the number of candles you (wish to) blow every year. That’s your chronological age, the number of years you’ve been alive on Earth.

You also happen to have a biological age. We all do. This one might leave you wanting to step up your current lifestyle. More like your physiological age, your biological age refers to how old your body might ”seem”. 

See, we might not judge, but your cells certainly do. Your biological age is a reflection of your internal environment.

For instance, if you’re in your early 30s, do not exercise, constantly consume high-fat and processed foods, and have smoked several packs of cigarettes a day for the past 10 years, it’s more likely that your biological age is greater than your current chronological age. It sounds depressing, but it’s never too late to change your life for the better.

After implementing Avea supplements, and changing his lifestyle around, Christian was able to reverse his biological age from 47.7 to 43.4 years, only after 4 months of supplementing.

These transformations are both inspiring and motivating. It shows a tangible before and after effect of his biohacking efforts. And us at Avea, we are definitely proud of him!

Join Christian on his journey and discover how you can start your own path to reduced biological age and enhanced wellness.

Insights on Avea supplements

Here’s our little Q&A session with Christian Wenzel. We’ve curated several questions to capture the essence of his transformative health journey, the practical applications of his biohacking strategies, and his collaborative efforts in promoting health and wellness through podcasting.

Q1: What were your first impressions about trying Avea supplements, and how have they evolved?

Christian: Initially, I was impressed by the professionalism and research behind Avea supplements. Although I was slightly disappointed that most were in pill form, I quickly adapted. Now, my favourite is the Cell Primer, which has significantly contributed to my health regimen.

Q2: How has your lifestyle changed since you started using Avea supplements?

Christian: My lifestyle has seen drastic improvements. More motivated and engaged with my health, I’ve extended my intermittent fasting from about 16 hours a day to 18–20 hours. Learning about autophagy through Avea has empowered these changes, enhancing both my physical health and my enjoyment of life.

Q3: How would you describe the impact of Avea supplements on your health and bioage? 

Christian: So positive. Right now, I am still decreasing my biological age even more, and I like the “biohacking aspect” of it. It’s like a challenge, which makes it fun. I am also happy to learn my body better, and how to keep my spirit and body healthy. I got more resistant as well. My overall health increased.

Broader impacts  

Christian’s personal transformation has sparked a wider mission, encouraging others to explore their health options through various platforms. 

By sharing his journey on blogs, public talks, and social media, he has influenced a growing community dedicated to health, wellness, and sustainable living. 

He also amplifies his efforts through podcasting.  Avea’s nutrition and longevity scientist, Nicolas have been multiple times—talking about the benefits of fasting on longevity.

These podcasts can be accessed here and can be enjoyed by our German-speaking audience: 

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Future outlook  

Christian remains dedicated to his path of wellness and public advocacy, with plans to broaden his impact. 

He aims to extend his educational outreach through webinars, workshops, and is considering authoring a book. 

His commitment to health and sustainable living continues to evolve, fostering a larger dialogue about ageing and wellness, indicating his journey’s vast potential and ongoing relevance.

Tips for beginners with longevity supplements

“You should try the supplements to see if they easily integrate into your routine. If taking them becomes a hurdle, or if they make you feel unwell, it’s important to understand why and address these issues. However, if discomfort persists, consider discontinuing their use and exploring other lifestyle or biohacking tools to enhance your well-being. Remember, consistent improvement in your health is crucial if you aim to avoid illness in your later years.”

–Christian Wenzel