Sophie Chabloz

Chief Scientific Officer

Expertise: Co-founder of Avea

Education: MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health


  • Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Avea, focusing on developing innovative supplements with an emphasis on ingredient synergies.
  • Holds an MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zurich, underpinning her strong scientific and industry expertise.
  • Passionate about longevity and health, continually engaged in research to optimize health and wellness routines through scientific and consumer-focused approaches.


Sophie, a food scientist and entrepreneur, merges her M.Sc. in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zurich with a visionary approach to health supplements. At Avea, she spearheads product development, harnessing her extensive FMCG industry experience to innovate and refine health-enhancing supplements focused on ingredient synergies.

Beyond her leadership role, Sophie cultivates a life enriched by personal health practices and family. She is an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, embracing the balance and wellness it brings to her busy life. Her love for the outdoors and culinary exploration reflects her belief in a holistic approach to health, blending nature’s gifts with nutritious, exotic cooking.

Sophie’s commitment extends beyond her professional endeavours, as she is deeply invested in her family’s well-being, often experimenting with new health routines that benefit both her and her loved ones.

Her journey underscores a passion for blending scientific rigour with a vibrant lifestyle, making health and wellness accessible and enjoyable to all.


Master of Science (M.Sc.)
ETH Zurich — Food Science, Nutrition & Health
Specialization: Food Sensory Science & Consumer Behavior
2011 – 2015

  • Major: Nutrition & Health
  • Minor: Food Sensory Science & Consumer Behavior
  • Focused on nutritional science, public health, and product development.
  • Master Thesis: Investigated cell biology applications in food science and health.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
ETH Zurich — Food Science
2010 – 2014

  • Acquired fundamental knowledge in food chemistry, microbiology, process engineering, technology, biotechnology, and nutrition.
  • Explored the social aspects of food science as they pertain to enterprises, business branches, and markets.