8 Spermidine benefits you should know about

For those intrigued by the science of longevity, Spermidine is about to become your go-to supplement this year. Us at Avea, we bet on it! 

Spermidine is emerging as a compelling molecule in the quest for a healthier and potentially longer life. Once again, nature is allowing us to redefine our approach to ageing. Is it finally time to say goodbye to pharmaceuticals that only come into play during diseases?

Discover various Spermidine benefits and why it deserves a place in your daily supplement routine as you take control of your health.

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Polyamines and Spermidine

Polyamines are essential compounds found in every living cell, tissue, and organ. They interact with DNA, RNA, as well as proteins. They influence processes like cell growth, tissue repair and specialisation, and the control of genes.

Among those is Spermidine, a polyamine originally extracted from semen (hence, the name). It can also be found in foods like aged cheese, mushrooms, soy products, legumes, corn and whole grain like wheat germ.

Spermidine and longevity

Spermidine is a compelling target for longevity research. As we age, its cellular levels tend to decline. This decline has been linked to various aspects of ageing, including age-related diseases.

External Spermidine has been proven to boost the lifespan of flies, nematodes, and yeasts. When mice were given a diet with more Spermidine, they also lived longer.

Increasing Spermidine levels in our cells seem to hold various benefits for holistic health, although concrete mechanisms are still being researched.

How does Spermidine work?

Spemidine has physiological effects similar to those of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances, such as polyphenols. 

This longevity ingredient has shown

  • antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • cell and gene protection
  • autophagy activation

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Spermidine

Your body is pretty much like a metropolitan city. Just like New York, your cells never sleep. Sometimes, there are troublemakers called free radicals, causing chaos by damaging buildings (cells) and stirring up fights (inflammation and oxidative stress).

Oxidative stress occurs due to an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals.

Spermidine brings in reinforcements (antioxidants) to neutralise these troublemakers, preventing further damage. It also calms down the agitated protesters (inflammatory molecules) and helps maintain peace in the city.

In a nutshell, Spermidine acts as your cell’s protector, reducing cell damage and inflammation, keeping your body at peace.

Autophagy and Spermidine

Autophagy is a self-degradative process used for balancing energy sources at critical times, like during development and in response to nutrient stress. For instance, it’s activated while we’re sleeping or fasting.

On a cellular level, it involves the formation of specialised structures called autophagosomes, which envelop and break down cellular waste, damaged organelles, and even harmful invaders like viruses.

How does autophagy work?

Autophagy is a survival mechanism to conserve energy and reduce harmful by-products. Its disruption is a clear hallmark of ageing.

This time, imagine your cells as tiny rooms, and sometimes there’s clutter and damaged stuff inside. Spermidine acts like a superhero cleaner. It removes obstacles (acetyl groups) that might block the cleaning process and activates special enzymes that help tidy up the mess.

It also helps in creating special containers (autophagosomes) to hold the junk that needs to be thrown away. Spermidine even boosts the genes responsible for this clean-up job and ensures that the trash cans (lysosomes) work efficiently.

Autophagy is crucial for maintaining homeostasis, meaning it helps your body remove damaged cells and regenerate newer, healthier ones.

This process not only supports cellular health but also contributes to a lower biological age, thereby promoting longevity.

By efficiently clearing out cellular debris and dysfunctional components, autophagy enhances your body’s resilience against age-related diseases and improves overall vitality.

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Spermidine and its anti-ageing benefits

Research suggests that Spermidine may hold the key to preventing age-related diseases [1].

By promoting cellular health and vitality, it may help prevent the development of conditions such as heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and more.

At Avea, we crafted the Complete Rejuvenation Routine to combine spermidine with other proven longevity ingredients like Quercetin, Fisetin, NMN, Glycine, and more.

This bundle is designed to maximise the benefits of Spermidine by leveraging the synergistic effects of these compounds.

By promoting autophagy and cellular renewal, Spermidine works more effectively when paired with these ingredients, enhancing overall cellular function, reducing inflammation, and boosting energy levels.

This holistic approach ensures comprehensive support for longevity and vitality.

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Immune diseases occur when our body’s defenses against infections and diseases don’t work properly. Spermidine plays a role in boosting the immune system, which helps protect us from viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

  1. Immunity: Spermidine helps activate autophagy, which is essential for strong and long-lasting immunity.
  2. Age-related immune decline: As we get older, our immune system weakens, making us more vulnerable to infections. Spermidine can reverse some of this decline in older immune cells. It’s like giving a boost to the soldiers of your immune system, making them better at fighting off infections.
  3. Immune memory: Immune memory is important because it helps our body remember how to fight off specific infections. Spermidine improves the memory of certain immune cells, making them more effective at responding to infections like the flu.
  4. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition that causes inflammation in the gut. Spermidine can help reduce the inflammation in the gut by promoting a healthy balance of immune cells, making it a potential treatment for IBD.

Spermidine and heart diseases

Studies indicate that Spermidine plays a vital role in cardiovascular health. It supports heart function by reducing inflammation, improving blood vessel flexibility, and protecting against oxidative stress, all of which contribute to a longer, healthier life.

  1. Cardiovascular health (CVDs): Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are like financial risks that become more likely as you age. Spermidine acts as the insurance for your heart, similar to exercising. It helps your heart stay flexible, reducing the likelihood of arteries getting blocked.
  2. Blood pressure (EH): High blood pressure is when your blood is pushing too hard against your blood vessels. Spermidine helps manage and reduce high blood pressure by improving how your blood vessels work.
  3. Heart failure (HF): Heart failure is when your heart isn’t pumping blood as well as it should, exerting extra effort and making you feel tired and weak. Spermidine acts like a support system, making your heart stronger and more efficient, similar to how getting proper rest can recharge your energy.

Spermidine and brain diseases 

Our cognitive health is inextricably linked to our overall well-being. Spermidine shows promise in supporting brain function, potentially reducing the risk of memory loss, cognitive decline, difficulties with movement, as well as risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD): Alzheimer’s disease is known for causing memory problems and changes in behaviour. Spermidine can help improve memory by getting rid of cellular waste in the brain. It also reduces mitochondrial dysfunction and prevents nerve cell damage and inflammation. Some researchers have even found that Spermidine can boost memory in older individuals by affecting certain brain chemicals.
  2. Parkinson’s Disease (PD): Parkinson’s disease leads to problems like tremors and difficulties with movement, mainly due to the loss of specific brain cells. Spermidine helps maintain their functions by keeping their energy factories (mitochondria) in good shape. Spermidine also encourages autophagy, helping protect against the toxic effects of PD, reduce harmful proteins like α-synuclein, which play a key role in PD development. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that further protect the brain.

Spermidine and metabolic diseases

Metabolic diseases are health issues related to how our body processes substances like sugar and fats. Spermidine plays a role in these diseases, including type 2 diabetes (T2DM), obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

  1. Type 2 diabetes (T2DM): T2DM is a condition where blood sugar levels are high because the body doesn’t respond well to insulin. Spermidine helps improve insulin sensitivity and keeps blood sugar levels in check. It also reduces complications of diabetes, like damage to blood vessels, by preventing harmful changes in cells.
  2. Obesity: Spermidine can reduce fat accumulation in the body and help with weight loss. It improves how the body manages fat, reduces inflammation, and promotes the breakdown of fat.
  3. Metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome is a combination of health issues like insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Spermidine has been linked to improving these conditions. It helps by reducing fat in the liver and inflammation in the body, which are common in metabolic syndrome.

Spermidine and musculoskeletal diseases

Musculoskeletal diseases affect the bones and muscles in our body. Spermidine can protect against diseases like osteoporosis, sarcopenia (muscle loss), and osteoarthritis (joint disease).

  1. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease where bones become weak and break easily. Spermidine helps make bones stronger and can prevent bone loss. It also reduces the activity of cells that break down bones.
  2. Sarcopenia: Sarcopenia is when muscles become weak and shrink as we age. Spermidine is associated with preventing muscle loss and improving muscle function. It promotes healthy muscle development and repairs muscle defects.
  3. Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is a painful joint disease. Spermidine has potential as a therapy for osteoarthritis by activating autophagy, which helps repair damaged joint tissue and reduce inflammation in the joints.

The convenience of Spermidine supplements

While dietary sources are beneficial, Spermidine supplements offer a convenient way to ensure consistent intake, especially for those with busy lifestyles.

8 Spermidine benefits you should know about

While the experience will vary from person to person, and maximal benefits are reaped upon consistent supplementation, here are some of the autophagy-induced benefits of Spermidine, usually within 3 months of supplementing:

  • Increased energy levels and decreased levels of fatigue.
  • Improved memory, mental clarity, and overall cognitive performance.
  • Enhanced skin health with more radiant complexion. 
  • Better overall cardiovascular well-being and blood pressure.
  • Less joint pain and a decreased risk of chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Healthier hair and nails.
  • Improved digestion, less bloating, gas, and discomfort.
  • Healthy weight or even experience gradual weight loss.

Keynote from Avea

In the realm of longevity, Spermidine shines as a natural ally, offering a multitude of health benefits. Whether through dietary choices or supplements, incorporating Spermidine into your daily routine may just be the key to unlocking a future marked by vitality and resilience. Don’t wait to embrace the potential of this incredible compound—take the step towards a healthier tomorrow today.


By Aishani Rajarai

Aishani Rajarai is a scientific writer and neuroscience enthusiast. She holds a BSc in biochemistry and cell biology, and a minor in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Her mission at Avea is to bring the science of longevity through blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and social media content to the public, so people can live a healthier, longer, and happier life.

Aishani Rajarai is a scientific writer and neuroscience enthusiast. She holds a BSc in biochemistry and cell biology, and a minor in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Her mission at Avea is to bring the science of longevity through blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and social media content to the public, so people can live a healthier, longer, and happier life.