Nicolas Ting

Longevity & Nutrition Coach - Nutrition & food Scientist M.Sc.

Expertise: Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Longevity Nutrition

Education: Nutrition & Food Science


  • Expert in nutritional health: Specialising in nutrigenetics/nutrigenomics, longevity nutrition, and sustainable nutrition.
  • Multilingual communicator: Fluent in multiple languages, allowing him to effectively share health knowledge across diverse populations.
  • Practical and scientific approach: Combines rigourous scientific knowledge with practical dietary strategies to promote sustainable health and longevity.
  • Featured in podcasts, including Healthy Hashimoto and ThinkGrowFlowCast


Nicolas André Ting, an accomplished Longevity & Nutrition Coach, excels in the realms of Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Sustainable Nutrition. Educated at the University of Hohenheim and the University of Bonn, he holds a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Science and a Master’s in Nutrition & Food Science. Nicolas is adept at unravelling the complexities of nutrition and health, translating scientific insights into practical advice.

He’s shared his expertise on various platforms, including podcasts like Healthy Hashimoto and ThinkGrowFlowCast, where he discusses the finer points of nutrition, longevity, and how to optimise health.

His approach to our customers is simple, engaging and accessible. The sole aim is to simplify complex topics and inspire thoughtful changes in your lifestyle.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nicolas is passionate about biking, running, and choral singing. He’s deeply involved in local politics and environmental sustainability, demonstrating his dedication to contributing positively to his community.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science, University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Master of Science in Nutrition & Food Science, University of Bonn (Germany)
  • Registered General Nursery, Kehl am Rhein, Germany


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Healthy Hashimoto

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Future Goals

Nicolas is considering pursuing a Ph.D., further solidifying his expertise in the field of nutrition and health optimisation.

I’m a hands-on visionary addicted to cutting-edge science, spearheading the transformation from reactive sick-care to proactive precision health, championing a future where predictive measures redefine vitality, wellness, quality of life and happiness.

Nicolas Ting