Lee S Dryburgh




Lee S Dryburgh is an independent longevity industry expert. Following a degree in computer science as a teenager, he started his career as a low-level device programmer. At 23, he set up a global telecoms training, recruitment and testing company and retired at 30. Shortly afterwards, his parents succumbed to cancer. This led to a decade of studying health, biomarkers, functional medicine and longevity. At 40, he decided to dedicate twenty years to helping nudge the emergence of a healthcare sector that he coined Wellness-as-a-Service.

Lee has lived and worked across 45 countries and 13 US States. In recent years, he’s been in love with the countries comprising the former Yugoslavia and now resides in Slovenia. He has two daughters and one Ibizan Hound.

Today, our most pressing health issues are caused by the lifelong, daily interaction among our genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices – a dynamic interplay of biology, our environment, our psychology and our behavior, interwoven.”

Lee S Dryburgh (2016)


Lee left high school early and completed a computer science degree at the University of Dundee as a teenager. He received sponsorship from Cisco to complete an engineering doctorate at the University College of London.